Make Time for What Matters

The first time you hear the phrase “you make time for what matters,” it’s likely your mom telling you that when you tell her you can’t make it for Sunday Dinner this week. Because of that, you may have mixed feelings about the concept of truly being able to make time for what matters. However,Continue reading “Make Time for What Matters”

Setting Boundaries Helps Avoid Burnout

Avoiding, preventing, and overcoming burnout requires that you learn how to set appropriate boundaries in all areas of your life, whether business, friends, or family. Once you learn how to set boundaries, your life will change, and you’ll actually end up even more productive, all without getting burned out. As you set your boundaries, rememberContinue reading “Setting Boundaries Helps Avoid Burnout”

Develop a Realistic Business Plan

When you have a business, it’s hard to know where you’re going, much less how to get there, if you have no plan. If you really want to avoid burnout, write at least a one-page business plan to help guide your journey.  Watch the following video as I walk you through creating a simple oneContinue reading “Develop a Realistic Business Plan”

Authenticity Shines in Today’s Social Media Driven Society

One thing I have learned about today’s social media driven and crazed society is that AUTHENTICITY stands out more than anything. People have uber amounts of choices when it comes to who they follow, engage with, and purchase products and/or services from. While social media has given everyone the opportunity to connect with others aroundContinue reading “Authenticity Shines in Today’s Social Media Driven Society”