Burnout Busting Stress Management Techniques

Stress management techniques that help you avoid burnout are important to understand and implement into your life. Burnout is characterized by the inability to be effective and productive while also being stressed out, tired, and even angry when just thinking about the workday, business, or relationship.

Sleep 7 to 9 Hours a Night

The human body, with very few exceptions, needs at least 7 hours of sleep each night. There are some people who need less due to a genetic condition, but this is not really that common. If you aren’t sleeping enough each night due to being overworked or due to suffering from insomnia, try to find a way to put sleep as a priority in your life.

Exercise Every Day

Moving every single day, whether it’s walking, jogging, swimming, biking, or something else, is an important way to help your body regulate itself and reduce anxiety and stress. If you get up and move anytime you feel anxious, you’ll reduce your stress exponentially. Shoot for moderate exercise, at least 150 minutes a week, and you’ll be much less anxious and stressed.

Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

If you know which diet is most healthy for you, it’s important to practice it at least 80 percent of the time. Not only will you feel better mentally and physically due to sticking to something, but it will also pay off by keeping you healthy and sickness free.

Take Up Meditation or Yoga

Doing slow exercises or clearing your mind at least 10 to 20 minutes every day is a great way to reduce stress. Many people like to combine exercise with mindfulness using a Yoga practice.

Ground Yourself

Anytime you are feeling stressed, find a way to ground yourself. The way you do this is that you start pointing out objects around you in your mind to help yourself become more mindful of right now. You can also go for a barefoot walk in the grass to help you connect with nature.

Create an Organized Environment

Studies are definitive about having clutter around – it’s not good for your mind, and it is terrible for productivity. If you really want to be successful, find an organizational method that works for you, and practice it religiously. Many people swear by The Fly Lady. (http://www.flylady.net/)

Develop a Realistic Schedule

Learning how to schedule yourself for maximum productivity without overworking yourself is an essential skill that you can learn. Try taking some time management courses or learn how to use a particular type of scheduling like block scheduling, for example.

Keep a Daily Reflection Journal

Journaling is always an excellent method for helping you deal with stress. One way to do that is to write a daily reflection journal that describes what you did right and what you’d do differently, along with your thoughts about your feelings for the day.

Developing habits that are healthy such as sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night, eating right, and moving daily are all important techniques that will help you avoid the stress that can lead to burnout. It’s imperative that you practice self-awareness so that you can mitigate any of the signs of burnout before they become too serious.  No one is immune to burnout. If you work too hard without the right care, you will get burned out. It’s human nature, and the only way to avoid it is by using proper burnout busting stress management techniques.


Make Time for What Matters

The first time you hear the phrase “you make time for what matters,” it’s likely your mom telling you that when you tell her you can’t make it for Sunday Dinner this week. Because of that, you may have mixed feelings about the concept of truly being able to make time for what matters.

However, no matter how much it hurts, it’s the truth. If you really wanted to go to that dinner, you would be there. If you want to know how to make more time for what really matters to you, follow these tips.

Know Who You Are

Before you can know how you want to spend your time, you need to know who you are and accept who you are. If you’re a family person, then you want to spend time with family, but if you’re a sports person, you’re going to want to spend time doing sports. Whatever it is, it’s not wrong, and you must accept it and make it a priority.

Know Your Life Mission

When you choose to spend your time doing A over B, do you know why? Does it fit in with and advance your life mission? For example, if you’ve determined that spirituality is important to you, and you’ve made it part of your life mission, but you don’t spend time learning and exploring your spirituality, will you ever reach your goals?

Know Your Goals

Speaking of goals, make sure you have a running list of goals as well as a list of steps you need to take to reach those goals. For example, if you are writing a 50,000-word novel and you have a deadline for it, what do you need to spend time doing today to ensure that you reach that goal?

Set Your Schedule

Once you have a list of activities and things you really want to spend your time doing, put them in your schedule first. Then the other stuff will have to fit around those things you really want to do. For example, if the nightly family meal is important to you as a family, you’re going to want to avoid business meetings or work during mealtimes.

Stick to Your Schedule

Once you set your schedule, don’t be too flexible with it. The only exception is if it’s extra stuff that doesn’t advance your mission or help you reach your goals. For example, if Tuesday night, you added to your schedule that you want to watch a TV show, but your child gets sick, obviously, you’re going to change things.

Adjust Your Schedule as Needed

Once you set your schedule, you can adjust it as needed to ensure it works best to actually help you do the things you want to do. So, for example, let’s say you really do want to spend your time at Sunday Dinner with mom, but it seems like every week it’s not working out. Find ways to adjust your schedule or ask mom to adjust hers to help you make it work. It may take some adjusting to ensure that you really can do all that you want to do with the time you have available. But, over time, as you eliminate, automate, and delegate more, you’ll soon be able to fit in the things that really matter to you. When you do that, you’re going to avoid burnout and enjoy your life that much more.


Setting Boundaries Helps Avoid Burnout

Avoiding, preventing, and overcoming burnout requires that you learn how to set appropriate boundaries in all areas of your life, whether business, friends, or family. Once you learn how to set boundaries, your life will change, and you’ll actually end up even more productive, all without getting burned out.

As you set your boundaries, remember the reason you’re doing it and the ways the limits you set on yourself and others regarding using your time and resources advance the goals you’ve set for yourself for the different areas of your life.

Be Kind

When you seek first to be kind to yourself and others, you will be able to set the right type of boundaries. You see, being kind is about doing the right thing, not the convenient or even fun thing.

For example, if your friends are pressuring you to go out to a party and you have to get up in the morning, you’ll easily say no. Saying no for something else due to it interfering with your overall life goals is exactly the same thing. It’s kind to say no because it’s the right thing for the future and doesn’t hurt anyone now.

Know Your Limits

You know the minute someone asks you to do something you really would rather not do, but you’re doing it to avoid a confrontation, to look lazy, or because you cannot think up an excuse to say no. The point is you don’t need a reason to say no. If the only reason you have is, you don’t want to do it, that’s good enough.

Accept Your Feelings

It’s okay to feel bad about saying no. If you are feeling bad because you just don’t want someone mad at you or you want everyone to always like you and be happy, this is something you have to learn to deal with. Likely, as you say no more often or stop doing things that cause resentment in you, you’ll have stronger relationships, and your fears will not be realized.

Take the Direct Route

The best way to set boundaries with anyone is to be as direct as possible. Don’t make excuses; don’t give extra information. Just state things the way you want them and let that be. It’s up to them how they respond, not you.

Release Guilt

There is no reason to feel bad when you say no or don’t act in a manner others are used to you behaving. If you’ve always done all the housework and you stop, people are going to get upset. Change is hard on people, but if you stick to your guns long term, it’ll pay off, and people will get over it because they know it’s unreasonable to expect everything of you. Unless someone confronts you, pretend you don’t notice.

Let Experience Guide You

When you need to decide about something, look back at how you felt in the past about it. Don’t underestimate your own experience in life. Your feelings, thoughts, and ideas matter and are important.

Get and Accept Support

You are likely surrounded by people who want to support you if you let them. Many people-pleasers who experience burnout tend to turn down offers of help. Don’t allow pride to get in your way. Get and accept support whenever it’s offered as needed.

One way to know if you’ve set appropriate boundaries is you notice you start to feel less stressed, less resentful, and more successful with getting the stuff done you need to get done. Remember, the boundaries you’ve set are not about anything but ensuring that you use your own time and resources as wisely as possible in a healthy and manageable way. It’s not about saying no or even saying yes, it’s about the practical use of your time and resources mentally, emotionally, and financially.


Burnout Experienced More by People Pleasers

A people pleaser is someone who wants the people around them to always be happy. Sometimes people pleasers will become so invested in ensuring the satisfaction and happiness of those around them that they become intrusive pests, and other times they become a reliable workhorse.

One thing people pleasures never become is the successful leader that they dreamed of becoming before becoming burned out. To put it bluntly, if you want to avoid burnout, it’s time to stop being a people pleaser. There is no reward for being a people pleaser, but remember, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of your humanity; you just have to learn to recognize when it’s too much.

You Don’t Have to Do It

You really cannot do everything. Small business owners often think that they’re supposed to do everything, especially if they have an internet business. It makes sense to hire help if you own bricks and mortar business, but it’s a harder sale for someone working from home as a digital marketer, coach, or other professions.

But the fact is, not only do you not have to do everything, you should not do everything. No CEO ever does all their own work. No, successful CEOs and business owners come up with the ideas and pass tasks on to experts who churn the ideas out fast due to their expertise. Due to that, they tend to make more money without burnout.

Know Your Mission in Life

You must understand what your overall life goals are. You can be general in terms of the goals for your entire life, such as “not contributing to environmental pollution” or “not consuming animal products” or “saving time on content marketing for customers and clients.” If you know the goal, you can ensure that the actions you take are getting you closer to that goal or not.

Learn to Say Yes Slowly

When someone asks something new of you, don’t say yes or no. Say that you’ll think about it and give them a time when you’ll get back to them if they cannot wait then the answer defaults to no without you ever having to say no. Evaluate the tasks that you will need to be successful in the project and say yes only if it really aligns with your principles, morals, values, and mission.

Set Boundaries Using Time

One way to say yes more without getting burned out is to compartmentalize and schedule your time better. For example, if you really do want to help feed the homeless, but you’re strapped for time, just let the organization know that you can either donate money or you can spend from 11 am until 2 pm once a week only. Remember that doing something in conjunction with others adds up and that you don’t have to take on every project or cause on your own by yourself. Set time boundaries and do a little, and it’s enough.

Drop Manipulators from Your Life

Everyone has someone in their life that will try to make them feel guilty for not doing what they want you to do. If you have someone like that in your life who revolts when you reclaim your time, it’s time to let them go from your life. This is not something that is mean, or that has to be announced just slowly separate yourself from that situation by saying no.

Keep Your Empathy Intact

When you start learning to stand up for yourself, and your own time, it can begin to feel as if you don’t care about others to yourself. You are used to being the one who helps everyone and is always available, and it will feel hard at first. But realize if you are cognizant of putting your health first, your principles, morals, and values next and keep the impact of your actions, I mind you’ll be just fine.  

You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

It’s just a fact of life that you’re only one person with limited time just like everyone else. There is no prize for ruining your life, or health, to be everything to everyone. Plus, you’ll fail because it’s impossible. Instead, be everything to yourself and kind to everyone else without laying down your life for them.

Once you accept that you don’t have to be a people pleaser to be a kind, caring human being, it will become much easier for you to set the boundaries you need to set in order to become successful in your business, your job, and your relationships.

Signs of Burnout to Watch Out For

The best way to protect yourself against burnout is to understand the signs to watch out for.  Many high achievers experience burnout, whether they work for themselves or others. The thing is burnout can be prevented if one understands what to watch for and what to avoid.

First, understand that burnout is essentially a state of chronic bad stress that leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, detachment and cynicism and feelings that you aren’t accomplishing anything and that everything you do is ineffective and doesn’t matter. 

While, at the same time, feeling irreplaceable and unable to say no to anything. It’s kind of like feeling as if you’re on a mouse wheel. Working harder and harder but never going anyplace. You’re tired, overworked, and not accomplishing your goals. In all the chaos, you may not even have goals to check.  

Any one or more of the following signs can signal either outright burnout or the potential to experience burnout if mitigation methods aren’t imposed. 

  • Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia – If you are always tired, or you can’t sleep, or both, primarily due to circular thoughts about the work you’re doing, it can be due to burnout or approaching burnout. It’s often one of the first signs. 
  • Forgetfulness, Lack of Productivity and Poor Performance – When you can’t sleep well or concentrate, it is natural that you may forget things, not work fast as you did before, and do things poorly. 
  • Inattentiveness and Detachment – It’s hard to focus and pay attention when you’re suffering from burnout, and it can look like detachment and even inattentiveness. If you have been accused of this by someone else, pay attention. 
  • Isolation, Apathy, and Hopelessness – When burnout gets really bad, it can turn into wanting to pull away from others due to not caring about anything. If you feel like your actions don’t matter, it can lead to hopelessness. 
  • Illness and Physical Symptoms – Your feelings can end up manifesting as an actual illness. You can become more susceptible to colds and infections when you’re not eating right. Plus, due to not taking care of yourself, you may end up more likely to get a diet-related illness like diabetes if you’re not taking care of yourself. 
  • Lack of Appetite or Poor Diet – All the feelings you’re experiencing can cause you to either not eat at all or eat very poorly. It might not seem apparent immediately but eating a diet high in nutrition is one of the ways to avoid burnout and adverse health outcomes. 
  • Anxiety and Depression – Mental illness can also rear it’s head as you are experiencing burnout. Sometimes it’s due to nutritional imbalances, or chemical imbalances, but sometimes it’s situational. 
  • Anger, Pessimism, and Loss of Enjoyment – When you are experiencing the brunt of burnout, you may act out with hostility due to being disillusioned about business and life. If you aren’t enjoying it and feel like you never will, that will affect you severely. 

If you aren’t enjoying your business or your life and the feelings of discontentment are intruding on your ability to move forward, you may be experiencing burnout. If you think you are, it’s a good idea to start right now, today, creating a plan that will work better for you as an entrepreneur. After all, you deserve all the good things in life, including security, satisfaction, and joy.  

Develop a Realistic Business Plan

When you have a business, it’s hard to know where you’re going, much less how to get there, if you have no plan. If you really want to avoid burnout, write at least a one-page business plan to help guide your journey.  Watch the following video as I walk you through creating a simple one page business plan.

Block Burnout: Develop SMART Goals

The truth is that burnout often happens when you haven’t done the work to match your personality with your business, and you end up disillusioned by still hating your work even when you’re running your own business. 

Maybe you thought that you didn’t like your work as an accountant due to working for a corporation, but now that you have your own business, you’re discovering how much you dislike the work in general, even if you’re on your own. Discovering something like this can be a real roadblock for many.

However, most of the problems mentioned above can actually be solved in advance through good planning. Planning starts with understanding what you want from life and business and being able to develop goals that turn into plans that turn into actions that result in the lifestyle and business you really wanted.

To stop burnout in its tracks learn the right way to develop your goals. The very best way to create goals is to learn the SMART goal technique. The reason setting SMART goals works so well is that it automatically creates actions that you put into your schedule that will provide the results you want. 

To develop S.M.A.R.T. Goals, look to the meaning of the acronym.

Specific – The goal needs to be small, simple, sensible, and significant too. 

Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish with your business or your life. You may have relationship goals, exercise goals, diet goals, and business and lifestyle goals that you want to achieve.  

Know precisely why it’s essential for you to achieve this goal. When you think about doing the steps to attain this goal, who will help you, which resources will you use, or do you have limits there? It may also help you to identify where the actions will take place. 

Measurable – A good goal is also meaningful and in and of itself motivating. 

Without a metric to track, it’ll be impossible for you to know whether you have succeeded in reaching your goals or not. Therefore, always attach a number to the goal, such as how much, how many, and what metric identifies that you’ve accomplished the task or goal that you’re trying to reach. 

For example, if you have a goal of adding 1,000 new subscribers each month to your email list that lets you know if you’ve made it or not. Likewise, if you have your own bookkeeping business, you might set a goal to have five new clients within a specific time period. 

Achievable – In addition to being even achievable or attainable at all, it should be something agreeable to you. 

When you set a goal, it does nothing for you or anyone else to set goals that are totally impossible even to do. For example, if you don’t have use of your legs and you’re in a wheelchair you cannot run a marathon in the normal way, that’s okay, but don’t make it a goal when it’s impossible. 

Instead, find ways to make goals that are possible so that you have a chance to achieve them. It’s okay if it’s challenging, and you fear you’ll fall short, but it’s not helpful to make a goal that can’t be achieved at all. Not only that, if it’s not even something you want to do, why even make it a goal? If you don’t like running, and never will, don’t make it a goal to run a marathon in the first place, find something else you like instead. 

You need to know how you can accomplish the goal, and what the potential constraints are so that you can ensure you have the right tools, resources, and assistance as required to accomplish the goal. 

Relevant – All goals, of course, need to have something to do with the ultimate thing you’re trying to accomplish, but they should also be reasonable, and results-based. Not to mention if you don’t have the resources to do it, you’ll need to ensure you do because otherwise, it’s not realistic. 

If a goal you make is not worthwhile or it’s the wrong time, and it doesn’t match your other needs, it’s not relevant. If you’re not the right person or your company is not right, it’s not relevant. If you don’t have the funds to support this goal right now, it’s not relevant (or realistic), and that’s okay. Focus on something else.

For example, perhaps you want to upgrade to a more expensive membership or funnel software that costs a grand a month, but you’re not earning a grand a month yet. It’s okay to put that idea on the back burner and use something else for now. 

Time-Bound – You have to set up each goal with a deadline for achieving it because if you don’t set a time limit or make sure the goal is timely, it might not even matter if you achieve it. 

If you don’t set a time or goal target date, it’s going to be hard to accomplish in a timely manner. One reason is that Parkinson’s law says that “work expands to fit the time available for its completion” and that applies to this idea of setting time limits and due dates for yourself for the work you’re doing to reach your goals.

If you know when and then follow that up with tasks each day that ends up with that final due date or time you set, you’ll achieve a lot more. 

For example, if you need to finish a 40,000-word eBook, you need to set a deadline so that you know how much work you want to devote each day toward completion. If the due date is 40 days from now, make a list of all the actions that need to be taken to have a finished eBook on that due date. Some items on the list might include outlining, researching, writing, editing, designing, and so forth. Enter each activity into your calendar so that it happens in time to move on to the next thing.

It’s the only way you can be sure you’ll get finished even close to the time because human nature will cause you to stretch out the time indefinitely. It’s hard to run a life or a business that way. 

As you see, setting SMART goals is the best technique for helping you achieve your goals. When you are actually doing what you want to do and achieving the goals you set, you’re going to be a lot less likely to experience burnout. 

This may seem elementary, but honestly it is the things we know that we are most often not doing that can lead to us feel unsure and exhausted. For the rest of this month, I am posting a daily blog post here every morning and a Youtube video in the afternoon to help you destress and get back to enjoying your life and business.

Grab a copy of the companion eBook and workbook, HOW TO AVOID & RECOVER FROM BURNOUT AS A SOLO ENTREPRENEUR EBOOK & WORKBOOK for only $7 where go more in-depth on preventing the exhaustion and frustration that comes with feeling burnout and help you simplify your life and daily business practices.

Stop Burnout Now: Overview of the 15 Day Avoiding and Overcoming Burnout Challenge

Hey my loves! Starting tomorrow until the end of the month, I am giving you the deets on ways you can prevent burnout in your life and your business. This year has been a hellified rollercoaster for most if not all of us. I, myself, have faced challenge after challenge this year and during the next 15 days I am going to give you all that I have learned and practiced myself to prevent and overcome feeling just plain over everything. Come along for the journey and lets make the last 2 1/2 months of 2020 our best months of the year!

During this 15-Day Challenge, some of the ideas you have about business, life, and productivity will be seriously challenged. However, what you’re going to get out of this challenge is how to recognize the signs of burnout, know how to avoid burnout, and if you’ve let it go too far, how to overcome burnout.

Burnout is a problem that entrepreneurs sometimes develop and COVID-19 has made many more prone to feeling the effects of it. The following symptoms characterize that problem:

  • Exhaustion – Do you feel tired no matter how much you sleep? It’s not just tiredness; it’s not able to get up at all.
  • Fatigue – Are you tired whenever you get stressed out about something?
  • Lack of Energy – Do you notice that you lack the energy you had previously when completing specific tasks?
  • Sleep Issues – Do you have trouble falling asleep, or are you sleeping more or less than usual. Adult humans need from 7 to 9 hours of sleep each evening for optimum performance. 
  • Poor Performance – When you are doing your work or doing tasks for your family, you aren’t doing them correctly and are making more mistakes than usual. 
  • Memory Issues – You’re late for appointments or miss meetings or just cannot remember your thoughts as you speak. 
  • Problems Focusing and Concentrating – If you have circular thoughts in your head, it can affect sleep but also affect your daily life keeping you from focusing on one thing at a time.
  • Indifference – You’re starting to feel as if you really don’t care about anything, whether business, family, friends, or fun. You don’t really get anything out of anything now.
  • Disillusionment – You don’t think anything you thought was true is true now, and it’s causing you problems with getting joy out of your chosen business.
  • Restlessness – You keep looking up something new instead of focusing on your business choice. 
  • Loss of Empathy – You notice that you aren’t able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes right now due to your own issues overshadowing everyone else.
  • Cynicism and Bitterness – You feel downright bitter about the situation, and you can’t overcome it because you think nothing can change, including you.
  • Relationship Issues – What is happening in your business can also affect your home life and vice versa. If your friendships and family relationships are being affected, it’s time to get some control over it.
  • Less Initiative – You just can’t be bothered to do anything because it’s just too hard, and you don’t come up with any new ideas.
  • Lower Imagination – It’s hard to imagine anything because you can’t focus, you’re tired, and your mind won’t relax enough.
  • Poor Health – Burnout can affect your physical health as well as your mental health and sometimes even be due to your physical health and poor nutrition. 
  • Heightened Anxiety – When you are experiencing burnout, sometimes you’ll also feel very anxious whenever the subject of work or the thing causing the issues comes up.
  • Depression – Burnout can be either caused by a severe major depressive episode or produce one. If you feel depressed or find yourself idealizing death, please seek professional medical care. 

You can also call a national suicide hotline to get help if you need it. 

In the US, call 1-800-273-8255

If you live elsewhere, please check:

Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia for an updated list of numbers to call here. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines

You may also feel as if you are the only person who can do anything to solve the problems that have developed. You tend to make it your job to do everything as if you’re indispensable, and due to that feeling, you never have enough time, resources, or ability to do everything needed. 

You may feel like you cannot say no, and due to that work for free, or feel resentment about the work you are doing due to the lack of recognition you’re getting. These are all actually normal feelings if you don’t set up your life to recognize and avoid burnout and treat it if you should experience it. 

While true burnout may need professional treatment, you can do a lot to help yourself, including seeking professional intervention if everything else you’re trying is not working for you. 

In the next fifteen days, I am going to post a blog post every day and youtube video with a link in the HBSquad Group to remind you, as well as participate in group discussions in our community to help you work through the 15-Day Challenge. Welcome again and lets learn to prevent and cope with burnout so that we can truly HUSTLE BEAUTIFUL!!


Ashley 🙂

Tammie Chrin Shares A New Business Model Kindle Direct Publishing for Business to Business (Hustle Beautiful Podcast) S1E1

Today’s special guest on the podcast is Tammie Chrin. The name of her company is KDP 4 B2B, which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for business to business.

She shared a truly unique business model that will help you create a recurring income stream using Amazon’s KDP print-on-demand (POD) service.

The KDP 4 B2B model focuses on creating low content/no content books for businesses. You will learn what a low content/no content book is and how this business model benefits you as a business owner or how to start Your own KDP 4 B2B Business.

Tammie’s passion is to help people have a successful business that generates a recurring income stream.

Listen to the Podcast:


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Join the conversation at hbsquad.com and show some love to Tammie Chrin!

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Authenticity Shines in Today’s Social Media Driven Society

One thing I have learned about today’s social media driven and crazed society is that AUTHENTICITY stands out more than anything. People have uber amounts of choices when it comes to who they follow, engage with, and purchase products and/or services from. While social media has given everyone the opportunity to connect with others around the world like no other time in history and become an expert on any and every topic imaginable, it also has flooded the online marketplace making it harder to stand out among your competitors. 

In a time in history where you can connect with an audience with the press of a button, what makes you stand out from the crowd is you engaging regularly being uniquely YOU!

As a Digital Media & Visibility Specialist, I have seen and assisted many brands in showing up and growing their engagement across social media platforms and one of the MISTAKES that I see often is canned content. Yep, I said it. Content that is too impersonal, not shareworthy and doesn’t show the person or company’s personality. People want a personal connection with those they follow. They want to feel like they know you to a degree and resonate with you as a human…not just a brand, service or product. 

Why do you think so many top entrepreneurs and businesses are now utilizing Facebook Live and Periscope to chit-chat with their audience? Many times the broadcasts have little to do with the service or product they sell but more about them, what’s going on in their life and behind the scenes footage of a project they are working on. 

It’s fun. It’s interesting. It builds a trust and connection between them and their audience. 

Here are my Top 3 Ways to Authentically Show Up and Engage with Your Audience

1) Be clear on who YOU are. 

It’s kind of hard to show up in the world authentically if you aren’t even sure who you are. 

If you have a hard time with being clear on who you are, then I suggest you take sometime to talk to yourself intimately and you can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy? 
  • What are you most grateful for in your life? 
  • What are the most important things in your life? 
  • What are your values? 
  • How would you describe yourself? 

Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings focusing on the most powerful question, “Who Am I?”

2. People connect with your struggles and flaws.

Perfection is highly overrated in today’s world. As I browsed through my Facebook Newsfeed earlier today, I pondered on what drew me to certain people that I follow over others. I, like many (I would almost bet you to be able to say MOST) people, follow people who aren’t afraid to admit their flaws and struggles and don’t put up a persona that they are perfect. Vulnerability helps people connect to you on a whole other level. 

Plus, honestly it is just plain too darn hard to keep up with trying to be someone that you’re not all the time. It’s easier to just be yourself from the jump. 

3. Use the power of video to your advantage. 

Video gives you the opportunity to show up as you are to you audience at anytime on any day. Share your experiences, the good and the bad. But also be sure to not make your videos a pitty party of everything going wrong in your life or a drawn out sales pitch either. Connect your story to your message. 

What experiences in your life can you connect to the topic of your video? Don’t try to be someone your not by showing up as who you think your audience wants you to be. Be genuine. 

For years people tried to tell me to change my accent because it’s too southern and would say that the only people who make it out of New Orleans (where I’m from) are rappers…which is so not true. If I had of listened, I would have put out a message that I don’t value myself just as I am and as you may already know, I am all about self love and knowing that you are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL without any apologies. 

See this is why it is KEY to know who you are FIRST and show up just as you are whether it’s online, in video or in person! 💋


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