Tammie Chrin Shares A New Business Model Kindle Direct Publishing for Business to Business (Hustle Beautiful Podcast) S1E1

Today’s special guest on the podcast is Tammie Chrin. The name of her company is KDP 4 B2B, which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for business to business.

She shared a truly unique business model that will help you create a recurring income stream using Amazon’s KDP print-on-demand (POD) service.

The KDP 4 B2B model focuses on creating low content/no content books for businesses. You will learn what a low content/no content book is and how this business model benefits you as a business owner or how to start Your own KDP 4 B2B Business.

Tammie’s passion is to help people have a successful business that generates a recurring income stream.

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Join the conversation at hbsquad.com and show some love to Tammie Chrin!

Want to be a guest on the Hustle Beautiful Podcast? Visit http://bit.ly/HBPodcastGuest for more information.

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